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Introduction to Pro Attic

Imagine having over ten years of experience in any field. Yes, that is what Pro Attic prides itself on. We are a family business that has experience in the cleaning and restoration field. With foundations of integrity and service, we have experts who have experience in air duct cleaning in Houston Tx.

Pro Attic insulation installation in Houston

We understand the importance of attic insulation services for our customers. We will ensure you have a comfortable home since we have brought the attic insulation installation services at Houston.

It is vital to insulate your attic for starters since a poorly installed attic causes unstable temperatures in your house. This comfort can be maximized further by air leaks. You will end up paying higher AC bills. Therefore a well-insulated attic will improve your homes’ energy efficiency.

You can save money that could have paid up for more electricity to condition your house. Attic insulation also upholds resistance of air that may be trying to outflow your home.

Some of the attic insulation that we have expertise in installing include; Blown-in insulation, which is a spraying type of insulation known as loose-fill insulation. They are made up of fibers that are blown on the attic floor.

Blown-in insulation is available in two categories known as blown-in fiberglass and blown-in cellulose. The blown-in fiberglass insulation involves the spraying of fiberglass fragments in the Attic region while blown-in cellulose consists of paper cellulose spraying in the attic area.

Other forms of insulation that we are conversant with include Spray Foam insulation, Rigid Foam Insulation, Batt Insulation, and Mineral wool insulation.

At Pro Attic, we realize that there are many modes you can use to install attic insulation. Many people think insulating the attic is easy, and thus doing it alone. Well, there are instances that professions will be needed. This is why we are here to help.

Air duct cleaning services in Houston

Pro Attic offers air duct cleaning services, which entails cleaning and maintaining of various heating and cooling system components in your air systems. They include the supply and return air duct, grilles, diffusers, heat, and cooling coils, fan motor, air conditioning system, and fan housing.

We are the best air duct cleaners in Houston because of the service provider in this field because of our timely responses. We also wish to remind our clients that unmaintained or poorly installed HVAC systems may become contaminated with dust, pollen, or other debris. Even in instances where moisture is present, there may be microbiological growth production that can affect people, mostly those with allergies and asthma.

Besides, by allowing us to clean your HVAC system, you will manage your utility bills by saving money since energy costs will be reduced by 50%. We have both video inspection technology coupled with either a Brush duct system or a compressed air machine system to clean your air duct.

Air quality inspection services in Houston

Did you know you may be breathing contaminated air full of the particulate matter right inside your house or office? With many activities going on in places of residence, the air you breathe could be contaminated with dust, chemical substances, or pollutants. This can cause risky health conditions such as asthma, allergies, or lung infections to affect you.

The only way you can know your indoor air quality is through hiring the services of professional, certified air quality Inspectors from Pro Attic. Our crew of professionals is equipped with the best air quality inspection tools to ascertain if there are allergens, carbon monoxide, combustible gases, and particulate matter in your living space.

If any member of your family has been experiencing flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, or pneumonia often, you may want to make that Phone call to Pro Attic for inspection purposes.

Chimney cleaning in Houston

If you would like to keep your chimney in operation for many years to come, it is vital to have it cleaned. A clean chimney can promote your home’s energy costs, protect it against fire risks, and promote air quality.

We check for signs of chimney damage before repairing them. We use recommended brushes and rods to remove the dangerous creosote and soot from the chimneys to leave behind a perfect job.

Dryer vent cleaning in Houston

Dryers help in a great deal with the laundry. That is why we would like to help to keep it running safe for you. You may realize your clothes don’t dry thoroughly or have some odor. Those are signs that the dryer vent needs some cleaning. It’s important to note that leaving your dryer vent without cleaning can expose you to fire threats that can harm property. Therefore, leave the cleaning for us to avoid future worries. Dryer hose cleaning and dryer vent cleaning are one of our specialties!

Water damage and restoration services in Houston

Most of our time is spent in ensuring families around Houston are comfortable. So, when an emergency such as flood or fire happens, we are always there to move with speed and restore the house. We are specialized in removal of mold and repairing soiled tiles. Our experts are well equipped and trained to do this type of restoration as quick as possible.

We are also available in the surrounding cities around Houston. You can contact us through 832-402-8962 or send an email at [email protected]. Our customer service team will move in swiftly and answer all your queries at any time.

Our Customers

Pro Attic performed dryer vent clean out.
Tech was very professional, explained
everything before starting and was very informative.

Elaine Counts

DL did a great job.
Super polite and even came
out on a Sunday. Gave me a fair,
firm price from the beginning
and stuck to it. Will be hiring
again when needed.

Ashton Pettigrew

Our experience with ProAttic was great. Joe and team were professional, considerate, always on time and prepared. Due to damage caused by “critters”” in the attic, we had insulation replaced, attic cleaned and disinfected, as well as replace ducts and repaired vents. Appreciated the detailed estimate and pricing which was right on target, Thanks again to Joe and ProAttic.

Susan Hennig

Just finished a large project in our attic. Joe and his team were outstanding and very professional. From start to finish Joe explained what they were doing and had pictures so that we could understand the process of the removal of the old insulation, duct removal, replacement of new and then the blowing in of the new insulation. There are not enough words to say how great these guys were. We made new friends for the future. Highly recommend this company.

Larry Schultz

I hired Pro Attic Insulation Services to clean my attic, remove the old insulation and installed new fiber glass insulation. I didn’t know what to expect but they exceeded my expectations. They were very affordable, professional and very clean. They wore mask, gloves and made sure not to dirty by carpet when they walked through the house. They were excellent! Highly recommend them. Joe the project manager was great and I want to thank him.

Marina Anderson

Joe and his team replaced our vents, air ducts,
removed installation, put new installation and
moved an intake for us. They were very friendly, arrived on time, and were easy to work with.
I’m always afraid to call people to
do work because they always increase
the bill from the estimate. Not these guys.
The bill stayed in the range quoted.
Would recommend.

Sara Keene

I had an event in which my hot water heater in my attic had erupted subsequently causing water damage and a ceiling collapse in two bedrooms in the home. Pro Attic did an amazing job remediating the damage and rebuilding back the damaged areas of the home as if nothing had occurred. They had worked alongside my insurance company and the claims adjuster in providing them detailed invoices and assessments along with taking upon the hassle of the back and forth negotiations on settling the claim. They were extremely attentive in detail and patient with the run-around my insurance company was putting us through. Though I hope I would not need them for the services rendered again, they would be my first referral if anyone is in need of remediation and remodeling due to any incurred damages. Additionally, they do provide maintenance services such as duct / hvac cleaning and dryer vent cleaning at competitive prices.I would strongly recommend to anyone in the greater Houston area to use them as their first choice. I want to personally thank Manny, Joe, and their team for the great work done.

Bilal Choudhary


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How do I notice that my dryer vent needs cleaning?
How is the crawl space cleaned?
Can insulation prevent my house from getting cold/warm?
What modes of insulation do you use?
What does R-value mean?

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