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Looking for dryer cleaning Services in San Antonio? You’re in the right place! Advanced Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio offers dryer vent cleaning San Antonio service at competitive prices. With our latest tools and equipment, you are assured that your dryer will be cleaned and function at its most excellent. A dryer that is not working correctly is a fire hazard. Checking the exhaust vent and dryer vent every so often is essential to ensure that exhaust air is released. Dryer vent examinations should be included in your home maintenance. Make sure the safety of your family and prevent allergy at home by getting the best San Antonio dryer vent cleaning, just call Advanced Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio today.

Keeping your dryer vent clean and free of lint is a matter of protection. Clothes dryers tend to be an appliance that often gets overlooked for regular maintenance since they are “out of sight, out of mind”, but this is a dangerous oversight. As with other gas appliances, care should be taken to help prevent fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. The lint trap in your dryer is made to catch the lint that is produced when you dry cloths. While this mechanism is designed to keep the system clear, 35% of the lint from each load bypasses the lint trap. Because of this, it’s very important to check your dryer vents from time to time to make sure there is not a buildup of lint. Clogged vents reduce the airflow and competence of the appliance. Your dryer will have to work harder and longer to dry your clothes, which wastes money and energy.

While lint is the primary reason for obstructing the air flow in the dryer vent, nest & debris left from small critters like birds or rodents can also cause dryer vent issues. A clog or blockage in your dryer vent system can cause lint and exhaust to build up throughout the ducts. It will also lead to longer drying times, more stress on the appliance causing it to wear out faster, and also the potential for fatal carbon monoxide poisoning or even a dryer vent fire.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to get your dryer vent cleaned:

  • Clothes are still moist after a load of laundry has gone through the entire drying cycle.
  • The clothing dryer feels hotter than normal when it is in use.
  • The vent to the outside is not blowing air at least 12 inches out from the house.
  • You notice a layer of lint on the dryer vent at the back of your dryer or at the vent leading outside.
  • Your utility bills are higher than usual.

Homeowners can face serious dangers when their gas appliances are neglected. Because our clients’ safety is our top priority, we take special care to stay current on every detail of the industry and best service practices. At Advanced Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio, we value continuous learning and we want to ensure that all of our certified technicians stay up-to-date with codes & regulations within the industry.

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There may be a large amount of lint inside your dryer or coating the walls of the dryer ducting that needs to be removed. No matter how regularly you clean out the lint filter in the dryer, there will still be lint inside the dryer. When the clothes are taking longer to try, it is a sign that there is lint build-up. A lot of people try to clean the dryer vents on their own. Do you know how long you should clean the dryer? If you don’t have any idea about what you should do, it is most excellent that you leave the job to the dryer vent cleaning San Antonio TX professionals. Trust Advanced Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio to clean your dryer vents for you using high-tech cleaning tools. Improve your air quality today. Call us now to get the most affordable and reliable dryer vent cleaning service! We are always happy to help.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in San Antonio TX

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